Renae's Bio

Meet Renae Mussachio


For over a decade I took class after class, course after course looking for something – I was not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I had not found it. All I knew was, everyone thought I was happy and had it all but inside I was miserable for no good reason. Every morning I woke up crying asking the question - why am I here? One night I woke up in the middle of the night crying so hard I went downstairs so as not to wake my husband. In an incredibly angry tone, I said out loud “God or whoever you are up there just take me please! I don’t want to be here – there is no reason for me to be here.” The experience I had after that statement changed my life forever and put me on a path of self-love, happiness, and self-discovery that I would use to not only change my life, but to help others change their lives as well.

After that statement, I felt someone place their hands on my back (yet no one was there). This unbelievable peace came over me and all my tears immediately stopped coming as my entire body became very still and calm – nothing I had ever felt before. I began to realize I was not my body; I was not this human being laying on the floor – I was something bigger – someone that had to be here on this earth. As though transported to another place in time, I was surrounded by these beautiful, loving peaceful beings of pure love. They had no faces and there was no sound, yet I could hear a beautiful internal vibrational tone throughout this spirit that I had become. Somehow, I was conversing with these other beings of love and light. They were educating me on what they referred to as “the ways of the human.” I came back to my body briefly during their ‘education’ and could feel as though my feet and wrists were nailed to the floor. I looked to see, and nothing was there but I could not move them. In a flash I was no longer in my body but somewhere else going through a cleansing of some sort. Different colored light and symbols were running through me. Somehow, I knew my physical body was changing too. I began to feel this childlike happiness and wonder. I began to giggle like a little girl and heard “It’s time dear one – time to return home to your light.” I do not know what happened after that but when I came back to my physical form, hours had gone by! I felt my entire body tingling and vibrating with this new energy. I felt happiness, joy, and peace that I had not ever remembered feeling in this lifetime. I looked around the room and had such love and gratitude for all that was there and for being alive and here on earth. I began crying tears of happiness and those tears made me laugh with joy. This was all so foreign to me, yet it felt like it was my birthright. All that unhappiness I had carried for years had vanished.

That day and every day became such a miracle, I started to get wonderful messages and channelings on ways to heal and change not only my life, but the lives of others. I knew the years of abuse I had gone through as a young child I would now be able to heal and through my healing, I could show and teach others how to do the same. I have dedicated the last 20 plus years to helping people heal and awaken to the limitless spiritual beings of light they truly are. The more I help people, the more we heal the world – there is nothing better than that! This work is my passion and my life. I want to help people see and experience a life they love in all areas of their life.