Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Renae' Mussachio


Reiki I, II, III Master Teacher Certification Class

There is a 4 person limitation for this class

2 Day Class - $400 US Dollars
Payable by Check, Visa, MasterCard or Cash 

Bringing Reiki back to its original intent and leaving the limitation behind.

This Course is a Reiki I, II, III Master Teacher Course all in one. When Dr. Usui first taught Reiki, he taught Reiki I, II, III Master Teacher in a one weekend course. 

As his Reiki teaching began moving out into the world, with his students, new students began putting limitations on the Reiki teachings and eventually divided it up to be taught in separate courses. Typically the courses are now taught individually as a Reiki I Certification Class/Course, a Reiki II Certification Class/Course, a Reiki III Certification Class/Course and a Reiki Master Teacher Certification Class/Course.

Through my years of teaching Reiki, there was a time where I even taught Reiki broken up into individual classes. However, through my teaching, and channeling Dr. Usui and a variety of other Masters of Healing in the purest of love and light, it has been truly impossible for me to divide it up for the last several years.

As we, and the world shifts, which is on a daily basis, things become easier and easier for not only us, but the world as well - these teachings reflect that. We are all healers in our own right and hold that deep inside our core light. Allow yourself to remember that ability and bring it forward into your energy fields and your human body to be the best you can be.

 In this course, you will be taught, and certified in, Reiki I, II, III Master Teacher. You will be given a step by step manual that we will follow through the course and address any and all of your questions and/or concerns. You will be doing a variety of Reiki sessions during the course to get yourself familiar with feeling energy, paying attention to your knowing and getting comfortable with doing Reiki distantly and in person.  

This course is easy to follow and meant for those with an open mind and who are willing to release a variety of limitations and fears they may be holding onto.  As we move through the course, we will be clearing you and your energy field from blocks and limitations that have been holding you back in a variety of ways throughout your life - that you may or may not have been aware of.

It is highly recommended that you go to the Reiki and Reiki Mythspage of this website and thoroughly go through it being sure I, and what I am teaching resonate with you. There are many Reiki Master Teachers out there. If I am not the right one for you, be patient, ask friends who they know and/or do an online search for one and thoroughly check out the way they teach and feel if they resonate with you before signing up for any classes.   

Sunday, June 3, 2018 and Sunday June 10, 2018
                                     TIME:  12:00pm - 3:00pm
  ​                      WHERE: Upstairs of ESP Salons & Spa;
 ​                                          5250 Genesee Street, Bowmansville, NY

   ​                          COST: 
$400.00 U.S. Dollars
Payable by Visa, MasterCard, Check or Cash  



E mail: RSVP@Renaeusa.com and indicate you are registering for the Reiki Course and give me your Name, E mail Address, Telephone Number and your name as is it is to appear on your Reiki I, II, III Master Teacher Certificate.

Deadline for Class Registration:  May 27, 2018

Deposit/Payment for class: No deposit required, payment in full is due at time of class. Payment plans are available with advanced notice and a deposit at time of class of $100.00. Note, additional charges apply for payment plan. Ask for details on the payment plan when signing up or anytime before May 27, 2018.  


Renae' Mussachio, C.R.M.T.
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​SERVICES PERFORMED: Upstairs of ESP Salons & Spa, 5250 Genesee Street, Bowmansville, NY
​(Directly across the street from Schmitt's Auto Dealership)

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