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(Energy Clearing)

Radical Change with Channeled Communication

Struggling for years?
Working with counselors who can’t get you out of your problems?
Feeling off and you don't know why?

​​ Meet Renae’ Mussachio who can see in and through your body, your matrix and system to let you know precisely what is going on. She has the ability to help you clear and release obstacles quickly and easily. The opposite of a long, drawn out process, Renae’ works quickly with earth changes and shifts to bring new peace and energy to your old problems.

Stop going through your difficulties- again and again. Renae’ helps you push the issues out to the forefront to be fully healed and complete. Through channeled meditations for individuals and groups, in person and over Zoom, she empowers you to utilize your true talents as a powerful intuitive being.  She is not someone you work without end, instead, with fantastic short bursts of session(s) she gives her clients tools that has already created profound change in thousands of lives.  Even in group settings, attendees say they felt like Renae’ was channeling the information and healing specifically for them.

People in other countries, including using an interpreter, make appointments to work with Renae’ for permanent healing. Improve your abilities and change your life, working with Renae’ Mussachio, who is a channeler, Reiki Master Teacher, I AM Mastery Facilitator's Course Instructor, EFT Facilitator and does automatic writing. Her techniques involve channeling Source and a variety of beings all in the purest of love and light.

An incredible teacher who guides with directness and care Renae’ has worked with corporate administrators, government employees, professionals, doctors, and entrepreneurs - all have benefitted from her energy clearing sessions and meditations.​​​​

Our live on-line one on one coaching consultation is a powerful way to get you on track with your goals and/or find out what you can do about the areas that are not working in your life.

What to expect:
​1.      All coaching/consultation calls will take place on - and recorded through - Zoom
2.     Sessions typically run between 60-75 minutes 
3.     Coaching calls will vary per person but all include some form of energy clearing
4.     All Coaching calls will be recorded through Zoom and sent to you after the session
5.     You may require an meditative type energy clearing during your consultation where Renae' wherein she channels a meditation from your higher self as you relax, release and let go
6.    The session may also include a downloadable, previously recorded meditation that your higher self advises will be suitable for you, and that is in your highest and best good. The downloadable meditation(s) is/are sent to you (via email) either before and/or after your session
7.     ​After you schedule your coaching/consultation, you will receive an email with a link and phone number so that you may attend the live, private coaching call. It is your choice to either attend via phone or computer and to either turn your video on or not.

Suggestions for the Coaching Call
1.      Write down your questions prior to the session so that you do not forget them
2.     Have a pen/pencil and paper available to take notes if necessary
3.     Set aside/block off a full 75 minutes for the appointment

Price: $200 USD

​(Energy Clearing)