Monday Night Distant
​Energy Clearing Sessions

Every Monday evening
9PM Eastern / 9PM Central / 9PM Mountain / 9PM Pacific
​9PM CET-CEST / 9PM UTC - UTC+1 hour

Renae' will be facilitating the Monday evening sessions - doing an overall energetic clearing for individuals, the overall consciousness, and all else that is needed as a variety of energetic Masters of Healing come in and assist all.

How to Participate:
- Monday evening at 9 p.m., sit or lay down in a comfortable position--preferably a quiet area where you will not be disturbed. Please know that if you are disturbed, the energy does not stop unless you tell it to stop. It will continue to do what it needs to do. Consequently, you may feel that when you go to bed, or as you fall asleep.

- Say or think what you would like to accomplish in the session. If you can't think of anything, say or think, "I now receive all I need and let go of all else. Thank you."  You can say or think this any night and receive all you need while letting go of what you no longer need - your system knows what to do.

- You are now receiving all you need (from all that is) in the purest form possible. Just relax and allow it to flow through you as it clears out your energy field, disconnects all that needs to be, and anything else your system needs that is in your highest and best good---and in the purest of love and light.  
If at any point you feel something is stuck or not moving out easily and effortlessly, think "Release and let go. Thank you." 

with Renae' Mussachio


​​As a way to give back, and to help the earth clear as well, Renae' offers the following energy clearing sessions free of charge.

Free Monthly (live) Energy Clearing Session 

3rd Wednesday of Every Month*
9PM Eastern / 8PM Central / 7PM Mountain / 6PM Pacific
(First timers must register below)
*Subject to change without prior notice 

**Date and time is based on United States** 

A 30-60 minute live, group energy clearing session. During the session, Renae' will channel a meditation, utilizing all of those in the purest of love and light and in your highest and best good, to assist you in clearing limitations, fears, blocks, barriers together with a variety of things preventing you from living the life you desire and being the limitless being of light you truly are.

If you have a particular issue that you would like addressed in the meditation, you can set your intention before the session starts or send an email to All e mails must be sent by 8pm Eastern time day of session. 

As a special thank you for registering and signing up for my list, whether you have attended the live event or not, you will receive a link to the digital download within 2 days after the live events. You must download the recording of the live event within 2 weeks as the link will then expire. The recording will only be available for purchase after that.