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Monday Night Energy Clearing Sessions and Notes

Monday's Energy Clearing Session Notes


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How to Participate:

1)   Sit or lay down in a comfortable position, on Monday night at 9pm, preferably somewhere quiet where you will not be disturbed. Please know that if you are disturbed, the energy does not stop unless you tell it to stop. It will continue to do what it needs to do and you may feel that when you go to bed or as you fall asleep.

2)   Say or think what you would like to accomplish in the session. If you can't think of something, say or think something like "I now receive all I need and let go of all else. Thank you."

3)   You are now receiving all you need in the purest form possible from all that is. Just relax and allow it to flow through you as it clears out your energy field, disconnects all that needs to be and anything else your system needs that is in your highest and best good and in the purest of love and light.

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June 25, 2018 Session Notes

Hello everyone!

WOW a LOT going on these last couple months. Let’s get right to what is happening in the world (this is crazy awesome energy!).

This Monday’s session – actually the last few Monday night sessions have been quite interesting.  A lot of us have been accepting the energy but not allowing it to go into our systems as deep as necessary to make the changes that are required. 

What I believe is happening is, we as humans believe things must be a process and, in some cases, take a long time (which is not the case at all). The energy of the earth has been changing in a great way over the centuries. The most recent changes have been with the ease in which not only mother and father earth can do things, but also in the ease in which we can do things.  The more the earth changes, the more we change-- and the more we change, the more the earth changes. We are all one---connected through energy. As any energy changes, it affects everyone and everything. That means if you change your energy, the earth’s energy also changes, as does the energy around you (and in many cases, so does the energy of those people around you). Because of freewill, sometimes those people around you do not wish to change and that is why we say “in some cases” (when it comes to the people around you).  The energy around them changes but they choose to stay in the energy they are in, or even change their energy differently from the direction your energy is going. Do you have those “best friends” that you talk to all the time, and then all of a sudden, you realize you haven’t talked to them in a long time? This happens because your energies are not in alignment any longer. They are going in one direction and you are going in another. It’s all a very good thing, so please don’t be sad about it. You are both experiencing what you need to experience. Sometimes you come back together, and sometimes you don’t. Either way, it’s all good for both of you.

The same thing is happening, in a sense, with the earth’s energy alignment. The earth is changing and going in a direction to be in alignment with Oneness. We are all on the earth and are receiving that energy and ultimately, change---yet, some are choosing not to go with it. That is all good, however, I want to explain what is happening so that we can make an educated choice instead of the choice our limited human self is making.

The following is a combination of channeling and my interjections (where need be) for cohesiveness:

Hello dear Ones. We are pleased to work together with this vessel (Renae) to bring you a message of light and understanding. Your earth’s energy is changing and making choices to become whole again, returning to its limitlessness. It had been bogged down for what the human realm would consider many centuries. Over the centuries, mother and father earth had become so heavy and misaligned with negative energy, that the male and female aspects of the earth had divided. This caused many people to misalign their own energies, which ultimately created separation within all of us, and the earth. Any separation of energy puts us further away from Oneness and into a state of fear.

Over the (what the human realm would refer to as) years, mother and father earth have been healing and releasing the separation which is allowing them to return to wholeness. As mother and father earth heal, we heal. We have all been going through things for the last few years, yet the last few months may have felt different – especially the last 2-3 weeks. That is why we are coming together to bring you this message of love and hope-- so that you can release the human fears that are tied into to the human belief system. It is believed to be a human belief system when, in reality, it is a fear-based consciousness that the human earth took on many centuries ago. It had become your consciousness as it began to be instilled into your DNA---structuring as the human world began to evolve.

It is with great joy dear ones, that we tell you---for the last few months, mother and father earth have been releasing that consciousness and for many of you, you are becoming aware and awakened to a new life and a new way of living. Your human element believes things must be a certain way, and that you need certain things to function. We are here to tell you that is all a piece, and part of the fearful consciousness that was put in place to limit you, and to have you live in fear. This fear is beginning to unfold, and you are breaking free of it. This is a joyous occasion for you and your world, dear ones. We ask that you sit quietly within yourself and begin to feel who and what you truthfully are. You are limitless spiritual beings of light who chose to come to earth to experience wonderful and joyful things. You have judged your experiences, which only created fear and separation. 

Sit, dear ones. Sit in the presence of your true self – allow him or her to come forward and greet you in the consciousness that your true self lives in. This is not a process and does not have to be a long event.  Sit – sit quietly and ask (through a thought or with your voice) to now greet your true self with love and appreciation--where there is no judgement and where you can truly hear, and be who, and what you truthfully are. You may feel a wave of peace come over you.  You may get wonderful, loving thoughts in your mind. You may just sit in stillness with appreciation for you, and for all you are. Or, you may have a different experience – whatever experience you have is perfect and right. Rejoice in it, and you. Continue to do this daily, dear ones. This will bring you into a consciousness that is meant for you, and only you. Each one holds their own vibration and although you are all one and connected to the true Oneness, you all hold an individual vibrational rate that is unique to you and your reality. Allow this love and appreciation to break down the barriers that have been created by a fearful consciousness, and move into a direction of vibrational harmony---a consciousness of Oneness where love resides.

Your earth is attempting to help each of you awaken and open to a new awareness while it heightens your vibrational rate, bringing you to a new wave of consciousness. You may feel this the more you are outside. You may hear the callings of the earth by the tones within your human ears. We are all re-tuning you to a new vibration (as we are receiving a resistance from the human body). The human elements are going into fear as they begin to release their consciousness of who, and what they believe they are. You have many human beliefs around what you do on a daily basis (in the human realm) that are not true – they are fears, dear ones. Fears to keep you limited. We ask that you allow yourself to look at things that have been changing in your daily life – what you thought you needed to move through your life in a coherent manner that some of you are realizing you do not need, as you still function well and are happier, and have more energy. Some are falling into a deeper sense of fear, believing they are not functioning, and believing they need and require these things. We are here to tell you, dear ones---STOP and feel yourself – do you really need that, or are you telling yourself you need that? We know you will be surprised when you are honest with yourself, and what you realize about the answer to that question. You do not need many of the things you think you need in order to allow the human body to function in a manner that is required of you.

Pay attention to how you feel on a daily basis.  Take the time in the morning to run through your body and see what it truly feels. If something feels heavy or off, give it permission to let go and send it all it needs with love. When you are in touch – true touch – with you and your human body, you will be surprised at how smoothly your life feels, and is. Live in the moment and be that of true appreciation for all that comes to you and all you experience. You are a limitless spiritual being of light, worthy of all that is here to have a wonderful human experience – allow yourself to be your true self and let all else go in love and appreciation.  

Thank you all for your time today. Have an amazing day filled with love.

I am sending you love today and always.  Create and allow your day to be awesome!

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April 16, 2018 Session Notes

Happy Tuesday! I apologize for not posting notes last week but honestly, my schedule was so crazy that I completely forgot. In retrospect, I am not sure what I would have said that was any different from the prior posted notes because we were working on all the same stuff.

What you may have noticed in the last 3 or 4 days is that things are beginning to calm down in our lives. Before that, and as Amy said it so perfectly….“everything in life has been flipped upside down. Nothing is the same and nothing is calm or even normal.

As a quick recap, the last few months we have been pulling things up – and by that I mean our systems are shoving them forward - from deep within that we had not dealt with. The reason our systems are doing that is so that we can clear out and move forward.  This is our opportunity to heal it and let it go. Some of it just needs to be acknowledged so that it can go believe it or not. I heard from a lot of people over the last few weeks that were hanging on to things instead of letting them go. They were doing this because as things came up to go, they recognized them as something they had in the past and immediately went into fear that they had not it go in the past and hooked into it. When we hook into it, we hold it in place. I want to address that for a minute so we can all get on the same page and recognize what is really going on in those situations. 

When something comes to the forefront for us, by that I mean something we are aware of that we don’t like, it is our body’s way of saying we are ready to get rid of this so it brings it forward for us to let go of. What we typically do in that case is recognize it as something causing distress in us in one form or another and go into panic/fear mode. The minute we go into panic/fear mode, we hook into it not allowing it to go. Keep in mind, there are typically many layers to things that cause us that much panic and fear.  When there are layers, we release one layer (sometimes more) and within a day or two (sometimes sooner) the next layer comes up so we can get rid of it. When that next layer comes up, we go into our panic mode and begin to stress about not having let this go and thinking we cleared it but we must not have because here it is showing up again. All that is doing is hooking further into it and not allowing us to let it go.

What is important to remember is, most of the time we just need to recognize that it has come forward and give it our full permission to go. Let’s use an example of struggle. Let’s say we are struggling with not having enough. One way that will show up is not having enough money. So as you begin to reprogram your brain and release the old patterning of not having enough, you are clearing out a layer or layers of this within your energy field. When you clear it out in your energy field, your physical body feels that relief and begins to bring money to us – typically it’s not a lot, but enough to get us realizing there is a change and we have cleared something or this would not be happening. Then out of what appears to be nowhere, something happens that we were not expecting, like a bill is higher than expected or the car breaks down, something that throws us into panic mode. That’s all the panic mode is showing us is that this struggle is layered in and the next layer just came forward to release. If it was not layered in, we would not have gone into a panic mode, we would have known that more than enough money was going to come forward to pay that bill and would not have given it another thought.

Don’t get me wrong, there are definitely beliefs around all of that but as we clear the issue, typically we are reprogramming the mind as well. All the work we do to reprogram the mind is forgotten at that time of panic as well.

Let’s try this next time we go into a panic mode or we recognize something that has come forward that we do not like, say of think “Thank you. I give you my full permission to go now. Thank you.”  The first thank you is thanking your system for bringing it forward to let it go, then you are giving it your full permission to go and the last thank you is thanking it for letting it go.  You will be surprised at how many things just need to be acknowledged and given the permission to go in order to leave.  If you feel you need a little more, I would suggest doing the Ho’oponopono (I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, thank you.) For those of you that are not familiar with the Ho’oponopono, Joe Vital wrote a book called Zero Limits about it. It’s an ancient Hawaiian prayer that assists you in healing your piece of an issue. What you do is repeat in your head or out loud in any order, or the ones you remember at the time I am sorry, please forgive me, I love you, Thank you. I am not sure if Joe writes what it means in the books, but when I asked my energetic healers, the message I got was Thank you for judging my creation as something other than perfect. I am sorry for judging my creation and creating separation within my body. I love you which is the ultimate healing energy.  Thank you is the appreciation that magnifies everything before it.

Of course there are many different ways to reprogram your mind and make changes in your system. We urge you to follow your intuition and do what feels right for you. What we outline in these notes, are just a small fraction of the ‘tools’ we use in reprogramming the mind and making changes within the patterning of the human bodies. 

During last night’s session a lot of calming energy came in to our physical forms together with an energetic balancing. This ‘balancing’ may cause a little bit of a strange reaction within some of our physical bodies. By that I mean, over the next few days we may be feeling a little lethargic – like we don’t want to do too much - and our appetites may be off for a day or two. For those that this is affecting now, it should only last a day or two.  However, this rebalancing is going to be moving throughout our entire body over the course of the next two to three weeks. This has to be done gently and over time so as not to throw our bodies into a whirlwind that is why it is taking so long.

On a side note, at the top of this page are the instructions on how to sign up to be notified when the notes post, I would suggest doing that if you like to read these as I have the feeling these are not going to post as regularly as they were. The changes we are going into are taking a bit longer so there may not be that much to post that regularly – maybe once a month I’m thinking but I could be wrong.

Another side note, early next week, I want to start working on getting a bi weekly video meditation on my site for you to come watch/listen to for free. Please pray that this time it works so we can all move forward.  When I get it up and working, you will also be able to request specific issues be addressed in these meditations. If you are signed up for any of my notifications, you will be notified when that is up and running.

May you be filled with love today and always.

Thank you for your time today. Have an amazing day filled with peace, joy and happiness. I am sending you love today and always.  Create and allow your day to be awesome!

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March 26, 2018 Session Notes

Happy Wednesday. My apologies for not getting to the notes yesterday. Some days are just a little crazier than others and yesterday was one of them. All positive but it flew by so fast I couldn’t believe it. : )

Monday’s session was absolutely amazing. Of course, I think they all are regardless of what craziness seems to go on. Haha

As the energy started coming in to our auric fields (the energy around us) it began shifting some of the cellular memory stuff we hold out there. What was crazy cool to see was the way things were opening up and just releasing. How I see that is these round circular balls that hold all sorts of memories. They were surrounded with this beautiful light and some just left our fields and other opened up and released whatever they needed to and then closed back up and they became smaller. It was really crazy cool to see.

There isn’t really a whole lot to post on Monday’s session that is different from the last notes because we are still being forced to deal with anything that is not working in our lives. So it is like things are being pulled up from inside that we have stuffed or stored and being thrown in our face to deal with.

We always have an option as to what we are going to do. We can deal with it, heal it and move on or just rearrange it. When I say rearrange it that means we just move it to the side and recreate more of it in a different manner. In that case, obviously we are not moving on from it.

Because of free will, we all have the choice of what to do with things and those that are choosing to stay stuck in the same patterns have the ability to do that. They will most likely play out the pattern in a different way but what they will begin to notice is things that were opening up for them just come to a stop. So if you are wondering if you are one of them, take a look back and see if you felt like things were beginning to open up for you the last 2 or 3 weeks and then this week all of a sudden seemed to stop.    

For those that are moving forward beyond all the uncomfortableness, you are getting a big shove in the right direction from your Higher Self. So things may seem to go crazy - but in a good way – it may seem like its bad at the moment but pay attention to your inner feeling – you will feel that peace and calm. All this clearing is attempting to put us in a position to move forward and clear out the things that hold us back.

I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay focused on moving forward and getting in touch with what it is you do want in your life. Focus on that and do not look backward – forge forward with passion, commitment and honesty.
Take time every day to review your day and focus on the positives as you let go of the things that are not working. Make a plan to change and follow it regardless of how uncomfortable it is. Remember being uncomfortable in your growth means you are moving forward.

Forge forward with love. I believe in you and know you can it!

May you be willing to allow yourself the ability to move beyond all that no longer works in your life with love. Sending you all you need to speak your truth from the heart and for all to hear it with complete love.

May we all live with love, passion, happiness and abundance for our every want, desire and need today and always.

Thank you for your time today. Have an amazing day filled with love. I am sending you love today and always.  Create and allow your day to be awesome!

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March 12, 2018 Session Note

Happy wonderful Tuesday to you!

Last night’s session honestly began on Sunday morning when the healers that had been working with us the last few weeks brought in some Galactic Warriors to assist with our clearing. To be completely honest with you, I am not exactly sure they had to call them in. When I asked the only answer I got was “for universal, galactic and planetary solitude.” I didn’t ask for more clarification on that for whatever reason.

Here is the bottom line as to the energy we are in these days. Anything we have not been dealing with in our lives has now come to the forefront in a big, big way for each of us. We have been seeing more subtly over the year’s things that have not, or are not, working in our lives. Most of us have dealt with some of it and the other stuff that may have felt too big or too disruptive in our lives to deal with at the time, we stuffed away.  For all of the stuff we have stuffed away, its coming to the forefront in a big way. 

This energy is about us living to our potential – bringing our power up and living the lives we are truly worthy of.  Whatever we have not dealt with and stored or stuffed away, because we thought it was easier than dealing with it, is here to stay.
We are basically going to be forced to deal with this stuff to clear it out of the way and move onward and upward. Some of our bodies are saying “enough with mediocre, it’s time to be happy and live our life with love, passion, happiness and abundance.”

I am not exactly sure what else to say about this except, we better start speaking up as to what isn’t working in our lives and start dealing with it because if we don’t, things are going to get a lot worse. The emotions of unhappiness will no longer be quiet and are going to continue to get stronger and stronger. The ‘crap’ we are in with lack playing out in our lives is going to continue to get worse until we step up and do something about it.

This is about us taking 100% ownership of the lives we are living and doing something about what we don’t like about our lives.

Remember, we can get assistance from God, angels, whoever it is you desire, so put your intention out there if you need help in making some of the decisions that you know need to be made but you can't seem to make them or find the words to even start a conversation with yourself or someone else. There are no right or wrong words - its your intention that moves it forward. A beginning point for those that can't even think of what to have the intention be... "I ask for assistance from all of those in the purest of love and light in moving forward. It is my desire to make the changes I require to live an abundant life filled with peace (or whatever you want - you list as many as you want). Thank you it is done."

May you be willing to allow yourself to move beyond all that no longer works in your life with love. Sending you all you need to speak your truth from the heart and for all to hear it with complete love.

May we all lives with love, passion, happiness and abundance for our every want, desire and need.

Thank you for your time today everyone. Have an amazing day filled with love. I am sending you love today and always.  Create and allow your day to be awesome!

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February 26, 2018 Session Notes

Happy and wonderful Tuesday to you on this awesome day!

As I am sure you have all been feeling over the past week or two, there have been many interesting shifts going on within us and the world.

Last night’s session started out with some awesome energy coming in to each of our auric fields (the energy around our bodies) to assist us in clearing out that field of energy. From what I have always seen in that field around people, it holds a ton of information from our experiences through life and even things from our ancestor’s lives. As we were clearing that, you may have felt some emotional imbalances and/or emotional things coming up. That includes memories from the past that you have not thought about in forever or never for that matter. You may have had crazy bizarre dreams last night as well. You may have crazy bizarre dreams the next week as this is still being cleared out.

This incredible energy then moved into our bodies to do more of the same. Again, with this, we may be feeling a little emotional today or over the next couple days. In addition, you may have memories of things you had not thought about in a long time. Please know, that anything coming forward is coming forward to get out. The best thing you can do is think “release and let go. Thank you.” or something like that so you give your system permission to let it go. You do not want to hang on to these things and re-create anything you no longer want or need in your life – releasing and letting go will allow you to move forward. 
As these emotional shifts are taking place, we are also shifting our magnetic grid. Although you may not know what that is, it realigns our electrical alignment. Sometimes with that comes small electrical shocks when you touch things. I am hoping nobody gets them but in the event you do, the only thing I can think that may help is saying or thinking something like “I realign with all that I am. Thank you it is done.” 

Our foundation is being realigned as well. We have an energetic foundation beneath our feet that keeps us grounded in …whatever we have been and are putting our energy to. In many cases, this also holds onto some ancestral thoughts and creations. By ‘creations’ I mean what our ancestors had experienced are sitting within our foundations as well.  If look at what we know about history, do we really want their stuff sitting in our foundation? No! Things that are in our foundation, continue to play out in one way or another in our lives.

We definitely want to have our foundations clear and not holding onto old experiences – ours or our ancestors! As the realignment of the foundation takes place you may feel a little ‘off kilter’ or ‘out of sorts’ or ‘unstable’. In the event you feel any of that, it is suggested that you say or think something like “I ask that my foundation return to clear and focused love and Oneness now and with every breath I take. Thank you it is done.”

During this ‘transition’ period which can last anywhere from 1 day or two to three to four weeks, we will be retuning your energy field and all that you are. That is done with tuning forks. In the event you heard high pitched tones over the next few weeks, know we are re-tuning you from the outside - in and then from the inside - out. What that means is the energy in your outer field is being tuned as we move it in to your physical body and all that you are. Once that sounds balanced, we move outward from that internal vibration to the external energetic field of existence which is outside of you. We tell you this so you do not feel like you are going crazy when you hear the series of tones or chimes in your ears or around you.

Some of you may feel as though you are being pulled in a different direction. In the event you do, please do your best to go with the flow – live in the moment - as this pulling will be your Higher Self and your internal knowing parts guiding you back to your Oneness. The Oneness allows everything to flow with ease and knows all is perfect and working out in your highest and best good.

When you are doing things with your knowing, there is no emotion to it. It’s not a bad thing – it’s actually a really peaceful, calm – doing. What usually happens is, you look back at it and say I don’t even remember how I got here or what made me make those decisions because that’s not what I would normally do. BUT, you are so glad at the end that you did because you are in a much better place! When I say there is no emotion, I mean there isn’t even an excitement for what you are doing – again, it’s just a knowing. 

It is important to mention that doing all of this energy work, just as when you do a meditation, this is all clearing of your energy for which you will be releasing energetic blocks. Releasing energetic blocks releases toxins in your physical body. In order to assist the toxins in being flushed out, please drink more water. In the event you begin to feel nauseous, that will be an indicator that you are not drinking enough water to flush the toxins out of your body.

In some cases, you may get extra hot as the energy channels open up to a higher consciousness and more of an energetic flow in your body. In many cases, saying something like “I allow my energetic channels within all that I am to open with love, balance and my natural perfect flow. Thank you.” Then take 3 deep cleansing breaths. 

As the energy blocks are being opened, you may experience hot or cold sensations throughout areas of your body or as a wave running over or through you. This is typically the healers together with your authentic healing body and higher-self moving around and through you. The reason the sensations are different in temperature is the energetic vibration of them are different than yours - resulting in a hot or cold sensation.

It is most important that we do our best to live in the moment, continue to send and receive love to ourselves and all that is. We can do this by saying or thinking something like “I now send and receive love to all that I am and to all that is. Thank you it is done.”

Thank you for your time today everyone. Have an amazing day filled with love. I am sending you love today and always.  Create and allow your day to be awesome!

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February 12, 2018 Session Notes
Hello everyone!

Before I get to the notes, if anyone has sent me an e mail the last few days and I have not responded, please send me another. My website and e mail was down because of some glitch within Godaddy. Oddly enough, Godaddy cannot even explain why it happened. : (

We are finishing up the Monday night session now and will be completed within the next few hours.
Please accept my sincere apologies for this, but for the sake of time, I am going to channel the notes yet again. I believe the healers can describe what needs to be said a lot better than I could at this time.

Hello Dear Ones,

It is with great honor that we come to you in this time of now.

We honor you for the work you continue to do, and the work you allow us to assist you with. As we work with you individually, may you know that you are also making changes within your world. When we speak of your world, we are referring to not only the physical earth, but all of the energetic aspects of you, and that which is within your earth. There is an energetic connection that runs between all things in your world. This connection is what allows your world to change around you (as you change). 

There is a grid that sits around each of you individually. The grid is a series of ‘lines’ running parallel and perpendicular.  For many in your world, the lines of their grids are not straight and must be brought back into alignment. These ‘lines’ are encoded with a great deal of information held within hieroglyphics. The hieroglyphics release information as needed while your grids shift into their true alignment.  We are assisting you in aligning your grid to the proper alignment---allowing the hieroglyphics to release unto you the information you require at this time.

We have been making the changes within your grid as individuals. As we do this, we are able to realign them with the grid of the earth. This connection must be made in order for you and your world to come together as one. This oneness allows for a deeper cleansing and realignment within you and your earth. This is necessary as your earth moves forward in a limitless manner. The time has come, dear ones, for you to take ownership of what is being created in your lives---individually, and as a whole.

Your earth is in desperate need of your help and your positive light. As we merge your grids together as one, you will all feel a sense of loss. This loss occurs as you move beyond the patterning you took on within your physical body and your grid. The patterning was that of true separation. The separation within (not only) you, but all things within your world. There has been a separation within all things for (what is referred to in your world as) many centuries. That separation has continued to grow and spread as you move throughout your now.

Let us work together to bring peace within you and a change within your world. As these grids come together, you have the option to end separation. The separation we speak of is not only within you, but also within your world. There is great judgment within your world. Judgment creates separation.

As the grids come together, let us be aware of what we judge. As you judge yourself, anyone or anything else, you create separation. To end separation, you must love yourself and all things. Allow yourself to have an experience that you, yourself, chose to have. Yes dear ones, you chose to have each and every experience you have--and yet, you judge it and act as though you cannot change it, or that you had no control over it. Take ownership of your experiences and all you are bringing to you. This will allow you to make changes, and to love as you should love - Be as you should Be. You are all love and oneness in energy and in your soul, dear ones. Allow it to heal you and your world.

We are forever yours,
The Galactic Warriors of Love and Light 

Thank you for your time today everyone. Have an amazing day filled with love and laughter. I am sending you love today and always.

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January 29, 2018 Session Notes

Please excuse the delay in getting these notes out today. To be perfectly honest with you, I am having such a difficult time explaining what went on last night in our session.

There was so much “peeling of layers” and things being pulled out of our organs and bodies I just can’t even begin to explain. You all know by now what that means right? Haha Yes – I have asked the ‘powers that be’ to channel a message for us all.

Channeled Message... ​It is with great reverence that we come to you in this moment of now.

Your world is moving into a great movement of power and strength. You are all beginning to recognize the power you have, along with the power of your words, thoughts, and your feelings. This is beginning to shift the world you live in, along with what will be coming (in the next 'moment of now').

We commend each of you for the changes you have made in not only your thoughts, but also within your lives. Many have decided to leave struggle behind and move into what it is they know they deserve, which is happiness. Happiness comes with great reward, dear ones. When you move into happiness, you are able to live in each moment and recognize your 'now'. There has been much work done (on your behalf) to abandon your program of struggle and torment. We commend you for this work you have done.

We are not the only beings here on your earth to assist you, dear ones----however, we were asked to speak to you through this vessel (Renae’) because we are the ones who have been assisting you the most (in what this vessel refers to as) 'the last two weeks' sessions' – what we know as this 'moment of now'.

We have been assisting you, dear ones, in remembering what is within you. In this 'moment of now', (what this vessel refers to as ‘last night’s session’) we removed a layering that blocked your internal systems from connecting with your 'power and strength of now'. This 'power and strength of now' sits inside of you. It allows you to be in your power, strength and in your truth. This allows you to recognize how others affect you----what they bring out in you. You are able to recognize if it is an emotion of love (what you call happiness, in many cases), or if it is something other than love. It is those feelings which are not love that you react to with great emotion.

As we assist you in the now, we are giving each of you the opportunity to release those beings that are bringing to you anything but love. It is an energy shift that occurs within you---opening many other energetic streams and paths. This will cause you to recognize a shift in your life. Opportunities will come forward, allowing you that option to take them (or not). The choice is yours, dear ones, as we are here to assist only those who desire to make changes in themselves, and in their lives. As you do this, you make changes in your world. Many of you have noticed these changes already occurring, and some will recognize them in each 'moment of now'. 
The layering that we removed in the 'moment of now' (what this vessel refers to as ‘the last two weeks' sessions’ ) was connected to the human body’s joints. It was interwoven within the joints, and in many, the organs. This will not cause any harm, dear ones, but for some, it will allow the physical body to feel free, as well as feeling an extreme lightness. Your movement should become easier in the human body. Your energetic body is flowing with great ease as it encompasses your entire body.

This 'vessel' (Renae') asked us to clear all of that for (what she refers to as) all of your ancestral chains (which we have done). This has set many of the ancestors free, which you will recognize as further lightness to your physical body. The ancestors had brought forward many gifts for each of you because you, dear ones, are the ones who are here, and the ones who have shifted to set them free. These gifts held many limitations within them and we have asked that they hold their gifts and send you love. This love (from many dimensions) will allow each of you to bring a new awareness to yourself, and to your energy bodies. This awareness is far more powerful than any gift a limited being can give. We ask that each of you send love to yourself and all you desire in your life. Feel it, dear ones, as that puts tremendous power into your now, and into your creation.   As you feel with your emotional bodies, you set yourself free---bringing to you what you feel. And so, feel what it is you desire with all your heart, and keep that in your now. Feel it in each and every moment---allow your frequency and energy to change.

As your frequency and energy changes, you change your very existence. You create what you feel, think, and what you are. We ask you, dear ones---what are you thinking, feeling, talking and being? If it is not what you desire in your life, make changes so that you can emotionally feel what you desire, giving great appreciation for where you are, where you have been, and where you will be.  This will assist you in many ways, bringing your desired changes to you. Do this in each and every 'moment of now', dear ones.
We are forever yours,
The Galactic Federation of Light

Thank you for your time today everyone. Have an amazing day filled with love and laughter. I am sending you love today and always.  Create your life with fun and enthusiasm.

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