Due to the recent energetic changes in the world, I am going
over the course and making changes to reflect the new energy
and ease in which Energy work - including Reiki - can be done. 

The updated course information will be uploaded when complete. 

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When I found out that Renae' Mussachio was giving an internet course, I jumped at the opportunity.  I had been listening to her meditations for two years so I knew how powerful her work was.  I have Compound Complex PTSD – meaning that over the course of my life the effects of a brutal childhood (which infected the boot drive of my brain) had been re-experienced over and over again in my relationship and career choices.  I had already worked with all of the techniques Renae' used (to no avail), but I trusted her enough to give it one more try. I’m so glad I did!  In her hands and with her wisdom, these techniques were able to open doors to my inner self that had been closed for decades.  I am now rifling through all the treasures.

The specific nature of what I gained in her course is too personal for public testimony, but rest assured the results are very tangible and permanent.  This is the first time I’ve ever actually looked forward to living a long life. I am no longer a prisoner of my own despair. 

-Teresa K. from Rochester, NY (Giving Your Life A Voice: A Journey of Worthiness and Empowerment course) 

In the time I've known and worked with Renae, I have learned so much about my spiritual growth. Most importantly I've learned this is something I must take responsibility for myself. Renae has helped me through the difficult points, but more importantly, she has taught me techniques, and given me tools to help me be vigilant over my own growth. Renae has helped me to grow in love and light, and to own and appreciate my limitless self. Renae's courses will empower you to take care of your limitless, spiritual self. -Sue R. of Clarence, NY 

Our lives are complex and challenging, with numerous demands on our time and attention. You may feel it’s time for you to ‘look within’, and truly see who you are, and what contributions you can make in creating a better world for the future. Or, you may feel stuck, and believe ‘there must be something more to life’ than what I’m experiencing now. If either of these statements resonate with you, know  that there is someone to partner with you, to help you navigate the path less traveled, and to guide you on your spiritual journey, and quest for peace and abundance in your life.

I had the privilege and honor of attending three of Renae Mussachio’s classes: Limitless Reiki and Beyond, Giving Your Life a Voice and Awakening the Healer Within.   Although I did not enter the classes with expectations per se, I can honestly say that each of the classes provided me with transformational tools that I have incorporated into my everyday daily practices, leading to a more enriched, peace filled life, full of endless possibilities!   My life’s journey has been greatly enhanced by her teachings and I have more clarity in purpose. Renae' is not only a gifted teacher, who willingly imparts nuggets of knowledge, but a true partner, that is equipped to help guide individuals to achieve a more fulfilling life, regardless of where one might be on their spiritual journey.  She has the unique ability to uncover hidden gifts and talents in a person and can clearly articulate how those gifts might be best utilized.  Importantly, she is also able to guide conversations that might be difficult, with patience, honesty and genuine care for the person.

If you’re interested in expanding your consciousness, and are not sure where to begin, dip your toe in the pool, and take a class with Renae.   You’ll be grateful you took the leap!
- Tracey W. from North Carolina



with Renae' Mussachio

Email: Support@renaeusa.com

​​​​​​Do you...

​​​Feel like you are spinning your wheels and not really ever achieving your goals? 
Feel like something is holding you back from truly living the life you were meant to live?
Something else always comes up that prevents you from completing your goals, courses or life's dream? 
Taking course after course to only realize you aren't any closer to your goal then you were a year or more ago?
Find yourself searching for the "next thing" that can help you "fix" yourself or get you back on track?

STOP searching! You aren't lost and you don't need to be fixed! 

All you need is inside of you - you just need to learn how to access and work with it! 

In these Bi-weekly classes you will learn/get...

-Pre-recorded lesson guide; 
-Bi-weekly live online group meetings;
-Learn how to create a true end result goal;
-Learn to work with your greater consciousness;
-Learn how to muscle test for greater confidence;
-Learn how to recognize, and release the resistance;
-Understand why you have resistance to your goals; 


End Result Goal Group Meeting: COMING SOON

Weekly live online group meetings:
 Tuesday's 8pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)

Cost: $30.00 US Dollar



Begins: NOW - immediate access granted
Watch and follow along at your own pace and in your own time

Lifetime access  which includes updates! 

Cost: $XXX US Dollars 

Email: Support@Renaeusa.com


2020 is behind us and we are moving into a new energy and a new time in your life and the world! Woo hoo
Would you love a personalized clearing with me (Renae') to help get back on track and start being the conscious creator in your life? 

SESSION IS A ZOOM MEETING wherein we will talk about your true End Result Goal (what you want to achieve in your life). Do a clearing/reprogramming on you to let go of the limitations that prevent you from achieving that goal and discuss your next steps.  Session is recorded and you will get the recording within 48 hours of the session ending. 
                                                                  90 minute session for $160