Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Renae' Mussachio


1. Stand up, lift your arms straight out to your sides, your palms are facing down to the floor and your arms are shoulder height.

2. Using the upper part of your body, turning at the waist, turn to one side as far as you can and make a mental note as to where the hand behind you is pointing in the room you are in.

3. Now stand straight, relaxing your arms and body.

4. Let’s set your intention by saying, to yourself, or out loud, “I believe with every ounce of my being that I can and will turn a quarter to a half degree further than I just did. Thank you.”

5. Lift your arms straight out to your sides again, your palms are facing down to the floor and your arms are shoulder height.

6. Again, using the upper part of your body, turning at the waist, turn to the same side you did previously and now see where your hand is pointing in the room and how much further you turned.

See how powerful your thoughts are? You told your body what to do and it did it. Your thoughts and words are what we call your intention. Your intention is creating your life experiences. See how powerful you are?

I said earlier that every one has the ability to do healing and we are all doing it on a daily basis. You do not realize how often you do healing on yourself. Think about it, when you cut yourself or stub your toe, or whatever it is, the first thing you usually do is grab that area with your hand. Let me show you what you are really doing when you grab that area.


In Reiki there are symbols that mean a variety of things like “bringing the energy down,” “spreading the energy out” and “emotional and mental protection.”   Let me ask this, if your thought (intention) was that you or the person you were helping was “receiving all they needed,” and they needed a particular symbol, would it not come in? Yes it would. Again, the body knows what it needs and will bring it in. If we are drawing symbols and providing Reiki energy we are completely limiting the healing for ourselves and the people we are assisting.

Let me share a story with you to help drive this point home. I was working on a client and as I was watching the energy, I saw a No. 2 pencil come in to the client’s energy field and go into her heart. Her physical body moved inward a little as though it felt it. In the energy field, as I was watching the pencil spinning, it fell to its side and continued to spin. All of a sudden it was like her entire heart just exploded with a variety of colors and they started to spread through her body. When the colors started to come from the heart and expand outward her physical body just went limp. Although I am writing this, and you are reading this calmly, know that I was freaking out. I kept getting the message that she was fine and I was to continue what I was doing, but I was freaking out thinking  something was wrong with her because when her body went limp, her breathing became so shallow, I couldn't see her breathing or hear her over the music i had playing in the background. When I was finally able to move up and put my hand under her nose, she was breathing! After the session she told me that she felt like something pierced her heart but not in a painful or hurting way and that it began to spin and then she  felt this “beautiful wave of light” come over her and it was as though all of her worries and concerns and the heavy heart she had been carrying for years just left her and she was finally able to relax and enjoy the rest of the session and her life.

Can you see how my intention to send her all she needed gave her what she needed. I would have never thought to send her a No. 2 pencil in a healing and that is what she needed. Again, her body knew what she needed and brought it in. So when you have the intention that whoever you are working on receives all they need, they will receive all they need. A symbol, a pencil, a particular type of energy, whatever it is!

Let us work together to bring Limitless Healing to the world and not get caught up in process or limitation and the energy of the past and how things were done. Let us stay in contact with the energy shifts and let the Divine guide us to the true limitless healing within each of us.

The earth’s energy is in constant motion and continually changing the vibration of each and every one of us allowing things to become easier and easier for us to do from an energy point and it becomes harder for us to stay in the illusion of the human life.

Let all of us realize how connected we all are and that we should be sending love to everyone and everything so we heal on a whole and return home to our true Oneness and remember our wholeness.

Reiki and Reiki Myths

**If you would like to take a Reiki Class from me, please read through this page, and do the exercises listed before committing to this Reiki & Beyond Certification Class. This class is not like others being taught and you will need to be sure you resonate with this type of Reiki/teaching.**


Misconception: When you are doing Reiki you must place your hands on the person’s body and can not break the energy connection so if you are going to move positions of your hand(s) you need to keep one hand on the body at all times.
Busted: Science has proven that everything and everyone is energy. We are all connected with this energy, we are all one, so how are you breaking contact with something you are a part of? Why would you have to place your hands on the body to make that connection, we are connected. When I learned Reiki I was taught that you had to place the hands on the body and never break that connection.  When I closed my eyes and just concentrated on providing the person with Reiki energy, my hands immediately came off the body and I could feel the energy and what was going on.  I urge of you to use your intuition and see what feels right for you. Not what someone has told you, or something you have read that tells you how to do it.  To this day, when I am doing a session, my hands are above the body and if the energy is really stuck, that is about the only time my hands are right on the body and once the energy starts moving my hands raise above again.  I know many healers who place their hands right on the body and many who do not. Whichever way you are more comfortable with is the way you should do it.  Remember, you can not break a connection with something you are already a part of. When you do what feels right to you, it builds a stronger connection with your body and your intuition so listen to your body and do what feels right to, and for, you.

Misconception: When you are working on someone you get drained because they take so much of your energy.
Busted: First of all, you are merely a facilitator of the energy. You do not give your energy directly. You are providing that person the energy that comes in from the Divine. Divine = God, Life, Universe, or any number of terms for that collective higher power you choose. I see it as two tubes of energy, one for you and one for the other person. Secondly, you always bring people into your life, whether it be in healing, or in your daily life, that reflect a variety of things in you. So as this person is healing, you too are healing that common thread you both share. If you feel drained it is because of your own energy healing you are receiving or have received. The body repairs itself as you sleep and the body may just be calling out for sleep because it needs to repair. Listen to your body and recognize what it is telling you. The best thing you can do for you is to own 100% of your creation (your life). When you do that, you will heal so much faster than ever before. Recognize everyone you come in contact with as a version of you. You all hold a common thread or they would not have come in to your life. If they drive you crazy or you see something in them you do not like, heal yourself because it is within you not them.

Misconception: You take on the person’s pain.
Busted: We are all one, we are connected through energy and love. As difficult as this may be to hear or take in sometimes, You create everyone and everything in your life. You brought this person to you, and this person brought you to them, so you may now both clear a common limitation in your bodies. If you have a pain in your body while doing a session on someone or after a session with someone, and it is similar to what they were  telling you about - it is yours not theirs. They may no longer have the pain because they let it go. You may be hanging on to yours because either you are not taking responsibility for it being yours so your body can not let it go or your body doesn't know you want to let it go. In many cases, we are holding something in our system that we have held for so long that the body thinks it is keeping you safe by holding onto it. It looks for direction from you to let it go. Many things are held in the cellular memories and we don't even know what they are. So all you have to do is own it and direct the body as to what to do with it.  So you can say or think something like "release and let go" or a more lengthy one could be "We are all that is and I now infuse all cellular memories and all that I am with unconditional love and appreciation as I move forward and become my true peace, my true calm, my true love, my true self. Thank you it is done." When you are saying "we" in that statement, you are referring to each piece of you.

Misconception: All the energy that has been cleared from a person you are, or were, working on is now hanging around the room as a negative energy.
Busted: Everything is unconditional love and perfect within All That Is and within us. We judge what we are and have created in our experiences as other than perfect. When we do this, we create a separation within our energy fields and the human body reacts to this separation through a variety of ways ranging from blocks and limitations in our life to sickness. So as you are assisting someone healing those energetic blocks they are releasing what they, and in many cases, we, have judged as "negative" or other than perfect. The minute it leaves the human body, it turns back into unconditional love and can not hang around the room as something it is not - fear and limitation. It started as love and perfect, we judged it and made it something else within ourselves so how, when we release our judgment of it can it be anything other than what it really is - love and perfect?  As I am working with someone and I see things leaving their body, the second it leaves the body it is such beautiful energy that it is hard to understand how we could ever have judged it as anything other than love and perfect in the first place.

Misconception: I have to ask the person’s being that I want to do a "Distant" treatment on, and be sure I get a yes in order to do a treatment.
Busted: First, you should always be asking the person's Higher Self and not their "being".  The Higher Self will never ever say no. Their "being" may say no because that is governed by their human body which has fears and limitations. The Higher Self will always take the energy that is being sent for the person and if the human body can not accept it at that time, it goes into what I refer to as the "reserve body" and when the physical body is ready or willing to take it in, the higher self sends it. When I see the "reserve body" it is usually all around the physical body. In some cases I have seen it stand just behind the body and to the right or left of the physical body. Usually when the reserve body is behind and to the side it means the physical form has shut down communication with the "spiritual body."  In truth, you do not need to ask for permission at all. The mere fact that you had the thought to send healing to that person tells you that you are to send it. If they did not require something, you would not have thought about them to begin with. You will also be healing a common thread between the two of you. You do not need to know what this thread is, the bodies are willing and ready to heal or you would not have thought to send healing to that person. The more you follow your intuitive thoughts, the stronger they will become until you eventually just "become it". Think of it this way - the more you do - the more you get, the more you follow it - the more you become it.

Misconception: After I get a Reiki Treatment (or any energy treatment for that matter) I feel great for a few days and then I take everything I let go of back on and fall back into the "old me."
Busted: You can not go back to the "old you" and you most certainly can not take anything back that you released in your energy healing. The reason being - it no longer exists. When you let something go, you have healed the piece within yourself that had judged and created separation within you. The separation is no longer there - it healed to allow you to release whatever you were holding onto.  When you do any type of energy healing you are always raising your vibration. When the session is done you are feeling your new vibration - the clearer more peaceful you. In many cases, your new vibration takes a day or two to totally integrate into the physical form. So it is not that you are back to the "old you" it is that you became your new vibration. Once you become it, it does not feel the same because you are it. That is very exciting that you became this higher vibration! Rejoice in it and thank your body.  Stop and take some time to really feel what you are feeling. When I talk to people about this, what they realize they feel is not at all like the "old self", but it is a lighter feel, a more at peace feel or something like that and because it is a feeling that they do not remember or that they have not felt in such a long time, they classified it as the "old self."

Misconception: The seven main chakras have their individual colors and hold individual energies.
Busted: In 2006 we had a rather large energy shift that began assisting us in returning home to our wholeness  This shift and  the new energy began assisting us in putting an end to the separation between us individually and as a whole. In order to end separation, we have to first end it within our selves and the individualization of the chakras. Originally, all chakras worked together as one unified field. They all shared in each component and in each and every experience we had. Through the centuries, the human race began to buy into the individual chakras and their colors. Because of free will, everyone began separating their chakras by doing individual "exercises" to open each one up and get them spinning in particular directions. Truth is, today (January 20, 2011) only about 6% of the worlds population have individual chakras. The energy shifts, and all we are doing as a whole are continually merging them together as one. So next time you are doing any work with chakras, remember they work tog
ether and have merged colors and meanings so that the entire body runs and works together as a whole.

Would you like an answer to something you heard in energy healing that just doesn't seem right to you? It may be a Misconception. E mail your question to Renae@Renaeusa.com and we will e mail you when we post your question and the answer here.

Bringing Reiki back to its original intent and leaving the limitation behind.

About Reiki

WHAT IS REIKI? (Pronounced Ray-key)

Energy healing that cleanses you of your limitations through unconditional love.

I  urge you to keep an open mind and experience what feels right to you as you move through this version of Reiki. Take this information as a beginning to the energy and talents you will unlock, remember and bring to the world. You hold the knowledge to your energy work and all else inside of you --- this website and information shared here merely assists you in remembering it all.  Allow yourself to be, and remain open, bringing that forward.  

As with anything in the human world, there are many versions of Reiki, Reiki symbols, the principals, and how to perform it. I urge you to feel it and feel what feels right to you. The version of Reiki we are reminding of today is The Usui Limitless System of Natural Healing and a variety of Limitless healing modalities you hold within your true self. We are therefore calling it Limitless Reiki & Beyond.

This Reiki & Beyond information begins with Sensei Mikaomi Usui who was born August 15, 1862 and died March 3, 1926. Sensei is the Japanese title for doctor or professor.
When doing any type of energy work, it is important for you to use your intuition. Everyone has intuition and uses it daily without realizing it. As Dr. Usui was doing his intuitive energy work, he gave it the name “Reiki.”

In its highest meaning “Rei” means Spiritual Consciousness or Divine Wisdom; the All-Knowing God Consciousness. That which understands the person, their problems, the cause and how to heal.  “Ki” signifies the life force, the universal vital life force that animates all living things.

Reiki is easily defined as spiritually guided life force energy.  The basis of Reiki healing is love.  It is the coming together of spirit and matter.  Since the premise of Reiki is love, it cannot be used in a negative manner, and only that which is in the highest and best good of who or what you are doing energy work on can come in.  


1. Sit with both legs side by side and allow them to be complete dead weight. So relax them completely.

2. On one leg, place your hands in a position to lift that leg just above the knee. So you are lifting the lower part of your leg (from the knee down). Only use your hands to lift that leg.
3.  Do the same thing to the other leg. Again, lifting it with only your hands, no help from the leg.

4. Was one leg heavier than the other? If not, that is okay.

5. Take the leg that was heavier, or if they were the same weight, choose one of the legs and starting at the hip and the inner thigh, slide your hands down the leg and out the foot one or two times.

 6. Take the leg you just did that to and lift it again. Again, only using your hands to lift it with no help from the leg.

See how much lighter the leg became that you swiped your hands down?  That was because you just gave yourself a healing. Your body knows what it needs to do and is waiting for your guidance. You had no idea what you were doing just now and see how great your body responded? Your body knew what needed to be done and did it when you made the movements because it knew the intention.

Our mission is to help people find their way
​back to peace and happiness. 


Renae' Mussachio, C.R.M.T.
E mail: Renae@Renaeusa.com
Mail: 30 North Forest Road, Williamsville, NY 14221

Let’s take a minute and feel this energy…



1.      Place your two hands (palms facing each other) in front of you.
2.     Think, or say “clear”, which just temporarily clears the energy  between your hands.
3.      Think or say, “I now receive, and feel, Reiki energy. Thank you.” Moving your hands closer or further apart will assist you in feeling the energy between them. It may feel like a resistance, or like a ball between your hands or even something completely different to you. Everyone feels it in their own way and it will  always be right for that individual, so do not judge it.

If you are comfortable, you can close your eyes so that your consciousness is not taking in everything in the room.  This may allow you to concentrate on what you are feeling in your hands.

What Reiki energy feel like to you?

Let’s feel another type of energy…

1. Keep, or place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other.
2. Think, or say “clear”.  Again, this temporarily clears the energy between your hands.
3. Think, or say “I now receive, and feel, Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy. Thank you.” Once again, play with it by moving your hands inward or outward until you can feel something.

Again, if you are comfortable, you can close your eyes so that your consciousness is not taking in everything in the room.  As mentioned before, this may allow you to concentrate on what you are feeling in your hands.
What does Spiritually Guided Life Force energy feel like to you?

That’s very interesting that you felt the difference between Reiki energy and Spiritually Guided Life Force energy considering they are supposed to mean the same thing. We will explain why that is shortly. Let's continue to feel a couple other types of energy.

Let’s feel another type of energy…

1.     Keep, or place your hands in front of you, palms facing each other.
2.     Think, or say “clear”.  Again, this temporarily clears the energy between your hands.
3.     Think, or say “I now receive, and feel, Love Energy. Thank you.” Once again, play with it by moving your hands inward or outward until you can feel something. Again, if you are comfortable, you can close your eyes so that your consciousness is not taking in everything in the room.  As mentioned before, this may allow you to concentrate on what you are feeling in your hands.  

What does the energy of love feel like to you?
Let’s feel one more type of energy.

1.     Keep, or place your hands in front of you, palms facing each  other.
2.     Think, or say “clear”.  Again, this temporarily clears the energy  between your hands.
3.     Think, or say “I now receive, and feel, All I Need Energy. Thank you.” Once again, play with it by moving your hands inward or outward until you can feel something. Again, if you are comfortable, you can close your eyes so that your consciousness is not taking in everything in the room.  As mentioned before, this may allow you to concentrate on what you are feeling in your hands.
4.     You may be feeling this through your entire body, if you are, you can put your hands down and just allow yourself to take it all in.

What does the energy of all you need feel like to you?  Isn’t it interesting how different each of these energies are?
Did you like a particular energy or feel one was more limitless, or larger, more encompassing than the others?

When Dr. Usui was doing this energy work, he was using the energy of love. As he began teaching it, he gave it a name – Reiki. As Reiki started to be taught by other teachers, they began putting their own limitations into it through their thoughts and beliefs and the limitation of ‘Reiki’ began. The original intent of love is always governing over Reiki. Because of that, it will always be what is in the highest and best good for that of which, or whom, you are doing this energy work on.  

Even though it will always be in the highest and best good for all, when we tap into Reiki, we are tapping into the overall consciousness of Reiki and that is where the limitation comes in.

When we talk about the overall consciousness of something, that means there is a field of energy in the air/sky/universe, whatever you want to call it, of something that has been created by the energy of everyone in the world’s thoughts, words and beliefs. Using Reiki as an example, when people think about Reiki, from what they have learned, what they are hearing or what they are experiencing, they are immediately sending the energy of those thoughts and beliefs into the Reiki field of energy.  Imagine a big ball of energy in the air/sky/universe that has billions of tubes attached to it. These tubes are feeding it energy, causing it to get bigger and bigger. The tubes are coming from us and anyone in the world who has thought or talked about Reiki, is doing Reiki, or anything similar to that. Regardless of what those thoughts/words/beliefs are – that energy is going into that ball.

When we think about Reiki, begin to use Reiki energy in an energy session, or ask to feel it, we are tapping further into that overall consciousness energy ‘ball’ and utilizing that energy. Can you understand now why you felt Reiki energy the way you did earlier when you felt it?

The reason Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy does not have as much limitation to it as Reiki does is because there is not an abundance of people out there saying “I can do a Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy treatment on you”-- and so, it has been able to stay fairly clear.