Lisa Evans

“Game changer! Those are the only words to describe Renae Mussachio's "Being the Conscious Creator of Your Life Program". I began the program a little over 3 weeks ago and since then, EVERY area of my life that was blocked has opened up...finances, life's purpose and love. I am in awe of Renae's gifts, and this channeled program that has the potential to change so many lives. If you are struggling with getting out of your own way and are ready for real change, try Renae's program. You will NOT be disappointed. ”


"Renae is an incredibly gifted healer. She came into my life at just the right time and blew the channels wide open. Since that conversation, I have incredible confidence and a feeling of trust beyond anything I had experienced before. The fear of moving forward and sharing what I have to share greatly diminished and I now feel excited to get out there. It was her incredible gifts that knocked the last bit of resistance right out of me and I am so grateful."


“Renae is a tremendous gifted spiritual teacher. I thought I knew spirituality through attending religious schools and weekly masses. However, I met Renae through a friend 15 years ago and went to a few of her healing sessions. I realized there was such a deeper meaning to spirituality and to life. I started a journey of self-discovery and self-love. I studied under Renae and became a Reiki Master. I also attended a few of her classes where I learned to awaken the healer within me and to find my voice. This personal growth was easy to achieve because Renae made everything so simple to follow and understand. She never judges her students and has a wonderful way to help anyone follow their spiritual path. ”


“Renae introduced me to self-healing through meditation classes and reiki courses which opened gateways to the positive life I now live through the eyes of an open heart, mind, and soul. I am forever grateful for her teachings and guidance and true friendship we have created over the years. Without her being there for me many moons ago, I feel I would not be in this position in my life right now. Renae’ has taught me to see through the eyes of love in everything I do. Namaste my dear loved ones”


“Through my one-on-one sessions with Renae’ I was able to be re-centered and find my joyful/positive self again. She has helped me to improve my self-awareness, become more mindful of bad energy around me, what to do about it and reclaim my power. ”


“I am so thankful for my very good friend Renae Mussachio. Renae is the most giving, caring person that I know. Her generosity with her time and her remarkable ability to heal and work with energy is beyond any words I could use to describe my gratitude. Renae came into my life when I needed her the most, and I am certain that she literally helped me saved my life. ”