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Channeled Articles 
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Renae' Mussachio Amazon Articles

Article Titles:

How to Change You and the World: A Message from the Emissaries of Light

Moving Into Change: A Message from the Emissaries of Light

Joining the Movement of Love: A Message from the Emissaries of Light

Courage: A Message from the Emissaries of Light

Change: A Message from the Emissaries of Light 

Awakening and Awareness: A Message from the Emissaries of Light

Guided Meditations - (Digital Downloads)

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CD Baby Renae' Mussachio Meditations 

Digital Download Titles:

Awakening and Awareness Guided Meditation

Awakening to You Guided Meditation

Becoming Your Limitless Self Guided Meditation

Being with Jesus Guided Meditation

Connecting to Divine Oneness Guided Meditation

Connecting with You and Your Family of Light Guided Meditation

Connecting with Your Spiritual Self Guided Meditation

Emotional Freedom Guided Meditation

Energy Cleansing Guided Meditation

Full Body Release to Oneness Guided Meditation

Limitless You Guided Meditation

Manifesting Your Goals, Dreams and Desires Guided Meditation

Merging Love with our Body's Water Guided Meditation

Owning Your Truth Guided Meditation

Purity Guided Meditation

Reclaiming Your Power Guided Meditation

Releasing Judgment Guided Meditation

Remembering Your Wholeness Guided Meditation

Removing Obstacles Guided Meditation

Returning to Love Guided Meditation

Shifting Your Thought Patterns Guided Meditations

Spiritual Protection

Surrendering Guided Meditation

​​All meditations are channeled and we only allow in those healers that are the purest of love and light and in your highest and best good.

You do not have to sit in a particular position when doing any of these meditations and you can play them when you go to bed at night.

Please never listen to any meditation while operating a motor vehicle or heavy machinery.