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Meditations and ​Articles

August 21, 2019 Live Recording – Not available for purchase yet

September 18, 2019 Live Recording
October 16, 2019 Live Recording
November 20, 2019 Live Recording
December 18, 2019 Live Recording
January 15, 2020 Live Recording

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MP3 Download of Monthly (live) Energy Clearing Session

Although the live class is free, the MP3 download will be available for purchase ($10 U.S.) in the event you’d like to have the audio recording for your own files (this is a personal choice and is not required). The purchasable instant download will be made available for 24-48 hours following the class.

There are a variety of meditations that have been channeled by Renae' to assist you in clearing energetic blocks,barriers and various other things that prevent you from feeling and being at peace.

All meditations are digital downloads - available through CD Baby for $0.99 each.