Be the Conscious Creator of your life!

You are here because you are meant to be. You are ready for change and desire to start living the life you want - not the life you feel has been dealt to you. You are ready for real and radical change.

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“Renae gave me hope that there was a way out of what I was experiencing. She helped me see life in a different way”


“In a little over 3 weeks, EVERY area of my life that was blocked has opened up...finances, life's purpose and love”


“Renae’s teachings where a gateway to a positive, healthy life style that opened new avenues to people and places of my kind.”

Energy that heals us all

As the energy of the earth shifts and changes, so do we. Schedule a One-on-One session with me if you need help getting back into peace and balance.

Being a Conscious Creator

Are you ready for change? Tired of feeling lost or like you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? Let’s get you cleared, refocused, and give you tools to make real and radical changes in you and your life!

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Clearing Meditations

All channeled, guided meditations are designed to help you remember who and what you truly are – a spiritual being of love and light. These meditations are designed to be played when you go to bed so that you can fall asleep and allow your system to do all that needs to be done while you sleep.

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Free Energy Clearing Sessions

​Join me for free Monthly (live) Energy Clearings (via a meditation) or a Weekly Distant Energy Clearing.

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About Me

I was born, raised and currently live in Buffalo, New York with my husband, three children and our dog Gypsy. My passion is helping people release blocks and stuck emotions that keep them feeling trapped in life or not living their life to the fullest.

For over a decade I took class after class, course after course looking for something – I was not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I had not found it. All I knew was, everyone thought I was happy and had it all but inside I was miserable for no good reason. Every morning I woke up crying asking the question - why am I here? One night I woke up in the middle of the night crying so hard I went downstairs so as not to wake my husband. In an incredibly angry tone, I said out loud “God or whoever you are up there just take me please! I don’t want to be here – there is no reason for me to be here.” The experience I had after that statement changed my life forever and put me on a path of self-love, happiness, and self-discovery that I would use to not only change my life, but to help others change their lives as well.

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You’re in control of your own destiny

As a way to give back, and to help the earth clear as well, I offer the following energy clearing sessions free of charge.

Free Monthly Live Energy Clearing

3rd Wednesday of Every Month 9:00 PM US EST

  • Group energy clearing session

    Channeled meditation, utilizing all of those in the purest of love and light

  • Shine your light

    Assists you in clearing limitations, fears, blocks, and barriers

  • Being the limitless being of light you truly are

    Assist you in clearing limitations, fears, blocks, and barriers

Distant Energy Clearing Sessions

Monday Evenings weekly 9:00 PM

    • Get in a comfortable position

      If disturbed the energy will not stop unless you ask it to

    • Overall energy clearing

      Say/think "I now receive all I need and let go of all else". Thank you

    • Receiving pure love and light

      Relax, release and let go of all that no longer serves you

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Frequently asked questions


No. But if you sign up for the session, just for being on that mailing list, you will get an email 24-48 hours after the live session with a link to download the recording. That way, you can listen whenever is convenient for you.


No. If you can sit or lay down, listen to someone talking, have your thought be that you are ready to release and let go of anything that is not serving you any longer and are not driving or operating heavy machinery, then you will be good.


Yes! Whenever you want to, day or night, any day of the week you can do this. Just sit or lay down, have your thought be “I now receive all I need and let go of all else thank you.” You will then be receiving all you need (from all that is) in the purest form possible. Just relax and allow it to flow through you as it clears out your energy field, disconnects all that needs to be, and anything else your system needs that is in your highest and best good---and in the purest of love and light. If at any point you feel something is stuck or not moving out easily and effortlessly, think 'Release and let go. Thank you.'