Help the World Heal

Helping the earth heal is quite easy. That being said, whatever you say (or think) goes to the world - so please be cautious about what you think and say of yourself, others and the world. If you talk and think badly of the world, yourself or others, that is what you will see, and that is what will be created out in the world.

What a wonderful world we can create if we each took the time daily to say or think something like "I send love and all else that is needed to the world and beyond. May everyone and everything now receive all they need. Thank you it is done."


You are here because you are meant to be. Whether you are looking for a radical change in your life, release a past hurt or trauma, move beyond a comfort zone, improve your abilities, transform your life or just learn more about energy, we are here to help. 

Free Sessions

-Monthly (live) Energy Clearing
(via a meditation)

- Weekly Distant Energy Clearing.

with Renae' Mussachio


We are committed to transformation of not only the individual and his/her life, but the world as well.

Renae' uses her abilities of being able to see energy, channel energy beings of love and light, communicate with your energy bodies, and seeing the connection between spiritual and physical, to assist people in releasing their energetic blockages that in return, unleashes the limitless power within.

As we make positive changes within ourselves,
we make those same positive changes in the world. 
-Renae' Mussachio



Channeled meditations to help you clear your past, get you out of your comfort zone and stagnation to transform your life. 

Get to know us

Renae' is an internationally known and respected energy therapist who is an agent for Real and Radical Change. Renae' can access your unique blueprint through channeling, meditations, and reading the energy field of your body to help you clear your blockages, release old patterns, get into your truth, power and wholeness.

Over the past 20 years Renae' has helped thousands heal and free themselves from limitations, unworthiness, fears and in some cases, illness while teaching them how to improve their abilities and transform their life. 


Our live on-line courses are designed to empower you while expanding and heightening your awareness.