Be the Conscious Creator of your life!

You are here because you are meant to be. You are ready for change and desire to start living the life you want - not the life you feel has been dealt to you. You are ready for real and radical change.

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“Renae gave me hope that there was a way out of what I was experiencing. She helped me see life in a different way”


““Renae’ helped me to understand there are healers to help me and that I am accountable for everything that happens to me and my life.””

Mary Ann

““Renae’s teachings where a gateway to a positive, healthy life style that opened new avenues to people and places of my kind.””

Energy that heals us all

2020 is behind us and we are moving into a new energy and a new time in your life and the world. Would you love a personalized clearing with Renae' to help get you on your way?

Energy Clearing Meditations

All Channeled meditations will help you remember you are limitless regardless of the human element it helps you to heal and release.

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Being Conscious Creator

Do you keep spinning your wheels never achieving your goals? Release who you think you are and return to your limitless self to finally live.

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Free Energy Clearing Sessions

​Join me live for free Monthly (live) Energy Clearing (via a meditation) or Weekly Distant Energy Clearing.

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About Me

For over a decade I took class after class, course after course looking for something – I was not sure what I was looking for, but I knew I had not found it. All I knew was, everyone thought I was happy and had it all but inside I was miserable for no good reason. Every morning I woke up crying asking the question - why am I here? One night I woke up in the middle of the night crying so hard I went downstairs so as not to wake my husband. In an incredibly angry tone, I said out loud “God or whoever you are up there just take me please! I don’t want to be here – there is no reason for me to be here.” The experience I had after that statement changed my life forever and put me on a path of self-love, happiness, and self-discovery that I would use to not only change my life, but to help others change their lives as well.

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You’re in control of your own destiny

As a way to give back, and to help the earth clear as well, Renae' offers the following energy clearing sessions free of charge.

Free Monthly Energy Clearing Session

3rd Wednesday of Every Month 9:00 PM Eastern

  • Group energy clearing session

    Channel meditation, utilizing all of those in the purest of love and light

  • Enlighten your purest light

    Assist you in clearing limitations, fears, blocks, and barriers together

  • Living the life you desire

    Assist you in clearing limitations, fears, blocks, and barriers together

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Distant Energy Clearing Sessions

Monday Evenings weekly 9:00 PM Eastern

    • Overall Energy Clearing Session

      Overall consciousness variety of energetic Masters of Healing

    • Clear your energy fields

      Comfortable position where energy does not stop unless you tell it to stop

    • Release and let go meditation

      Anything else your system needs that is in your highest good

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Frequently asked questions


No worries! This is a webinar format so nobody will be able to see you - including me. The chat setting is set to private so only I will be able to see your name and comments.


Yes, I am offering a discounted rate for 6 months of classes (12 classes or more depending on when you join) for $500 which is a savings of $100. As a bonus, you get up to 3 one-on-one sessions with me at a discounted rate. In addition to the savings, you get free access to any extra classes offered during the 6-month membership. Unfortunately, the only way to purchase this currently is to either call Lisa in my office (716-630-0042 EST) or Email her at


Classes are scheduled *every other week which gives your system time to process the reprogram and implement the tools we cover in class. It also gives you time to recognize any struggles, blocks, barriers, or emotional distress coming up that you may need help with. If that is the case, you can sign up for another class as we will be doing a reprogram in every class. *Certain months may have more than 2 classes scheduled and are based on shifts in energy where I have noticed people need a little extra help and support.


Classes are scheduled to run every other Sunday from 2pm-3:30pm US EST. Due to US Holidays, some days may be changed during the year. In addition, there are certain months in the year that may have more than 2 classes scheduled and are based on shifts in energy where I have noticed people need a little extra help and support.


No. We have found that wanting/expecting to re-listen to the reprogram/clearing we do, gives your system the instruction that it should not clear completely and needs to hold on to things for a future clearing.


As long as you are watching on the same computer and you do not share your personal link to join the class, you can have as many people as you wish attend the class with you. There are a limited number of seats in each class, so it is important that your personal link not be shared.


This is an agreement like any other. In case you subscribed and you no longer need the subscription, no refund can be made. Any initial payment that has been made remains with us. However, your subscription can be paused when you don’t need it anymore, and you can come back to get the remaining hours of support services when you need us, and the support service to request must be within the features of the plan you already subscribed to, anything outside that, a new subscription that offers the support service you need must be made


Everyone is different, and it will depend on what you are looking to do. Some who know their true end result goal and know the steps to achieve it recognize something is blocking them, may only need to attend one class and move forward on their own from there. Others will find they are looking for more information on how energy works in what they are creating in their lives and want that extra support needed to change the habit of being who they believe they are. I am here to empower you. I can give you the tools and knowledge, but you must commit to do the work and attend the class(es) you need to push you beyond your comfort zone and into being and living the life you love.


Everyone is different and needs to work at their own pace so only you know that answer. When we are talking about people breaking the habit of being who they believe they are, it takes work and determination. You must be willing to make a commitment to yourself to do the work daily and stay focused on the true end result goal while being aware of, and removing, obstacles that are in the way. I am here to empower and support you in that work and give you an opportunity to remove obstacles that you may or may not be aware of in these classes.


You do not have to attend more than one class - attending more than one class is completely up to you. If you are looking for help and support to recognize beliefs or struggles you may not realize you have or are looking for information on energy and how it is helping you create the life you have, and things you can do about it, I would encourage you to attend at least one class a month. Each week is designed to give you a variety of information based on the attendees end result goals, struggles, questions, together with knowledge from an energy perspective and then perform a reprogram with the Greater Conscious on everyone.


No worries! If you do not attend the class, just send me an email at either requesting a refund or notifying me of the date for another class you would like to take in its place, and we will get it handled asap.


I agree - in person classes are wonderful but I no longer offer in person classes. A large portion of my clients are spread around the globe, and for this reason, these online classes offer the best way to reach a major portion of them. In the future, I may offer in person seminars.


I know the time for these classes may not fit into everyone's schedule. I did pick a day and time based on research and this accommodated most people and time zones based on my current client base. In the event this grows I will investigate adding other dates and/or times.


Feel free to email me directly at with any of your questions and I will get back to you.